Welcome to the AIDEC World – The New Built-Design World

With over three decades of experience in architectural, interior design, construction and engineering industry, Magnum Communication Pvt Ltd has been one of the pioneers of architectural media in India.

Way back in 1982 we had launched Wood News (later called Fountainhead) in Mumbai. In 1988, we started publishing Architectural, Interior Design And Construction Deskbook – the most comprehensive building products resource guide for well over 20 years. And in 1990, we launched Interiors Today – a monthly magazine published from Mumbai to keep you abreast with the happenings in your profession and trade.

Interiors Today

A 2009 issue of our magazine, Interiors Today.

But over the years, the architectural, interior design and construction field has grown more complex and technology oriented. Keeping in mind the changing environment, we too have decided to move with the times.

We present to you the AIDEC World!

Like its predecessor, Interiors Today (see on the right the cover page of a 2009 issue), AIDEC World will have an innovative editorial ambiance designed around the realities of the workplace. The content on this website will be planned according to the needs of the profession. It will keep designers informed, and also show the relationships between many related disciplines — an understanding one needs as a real-world problem solver.

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