Cooperative Society Bye laws Made Easy

Cooperative Society Bye laws Made Easy

Coop_CoverIn the past, philosophers and thinkers participated in the development of the society and thus helped to mould the environment. But somewhere along the development process, all the philosophers and thinkers have got left behind. Learning has become career oriented and a vital link to the social framework, so essential for development of any society, has been snapped.

Unfortunately, during our so called development process, we have changed our attitude to work an attitude which used to combine pride, responsibility and the desire to do the best Karma the philosophy of doing one’s duty to the best of his ability, irrespective of rewards, is all a thing of the past now. How do we then talk about a work ethic or work culture today to a generation which feels isolated from the culture and living environment. And very reluctantly, and shamefully, we have to admit is that, that holds good for our society at large.

Academic degrees do not make education, nor does a classroom situation alone constitute knowledge. The concept of learning and a work ethic, develops from a commitment to a value system. As more and more young men and women are entering the urban arena, we need to ask, whether we are producing morally responsible individuals who will participate in the growth of the society. It is easy to blame the system without appreciating the parameters and practical limitations that have resulted in what passes for professional ethics today. Lack of dedicated individuals and fissiparous professional politics, have all played their part.

The fast paced growth of urban areas – as some cynics term them – vertical slums, has produced new problems – typical of cluster living. Muscle-men, Don’s have always bullied the societies of all kinds, but this cluster living in urban areas like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and many other cities – have produced a typical new breed of men and women, who use all kind of strong arm tactics, take shelter behind unexisting laws, giving new twist to existing laws. This breed is the so-called Managing Committees in Cooperative Housing Societies.

They are the new era rulers, uncrowned Kings, landlords of the cluster they have been elected to develop and make living easier for the residents. But instead, what happens is, I can assure you, 100 percent of the members of the cooperative housing societies are either harassed or in some cases the members harass the Managing Committees. Cooperative living – the word represents a living environment, where everybody is equal, the living style is democratic and the building and the Committee will be for the residents. Instead of a peaceful living – a cooperative society inevitably becomes a war zone.

That the cooperative laws and Act are in such an ambiguous language, does not make things easier for the residents, the managing Committee or even the authorities. Everybody tries to interpret as per their own convenience. The debate seems to be a never ending one. meanwhile caught in the whirlpool of bureaucracy and corruption those who have put their money to buy apartments see no hope.

Cooperative Society Bye-laws made Easy – is an effort in the direction, to correctly understand, interpret and present the laws in as easy language as possible. We have compiled a few court judgements and a special section devoted to answering your questions.

If we are to have a sustainable future in urban areas for ourselves and for the generations that follow, it is time, we approached the question of cooperative reforms in an entirely new dimension. Within the limits set by purely practical considerations, it is now time for introspection and set our houses and Societies in order.

The real estate segment was and still this is disorganized. And to top it all – the biggest hurdle is the Bye-laws, The Act and Rules of Cooperative Societies. Most of the time the language is Latin and Greek to the common resident, an office bearer and ironically sometimes the law makers themselves. To make things more complicated, the bye-laws and the Cooperative Act keeps changing – that one unable to keep pace with the changing rules and bye-laws. 90% of the Managing Committee do not really know how to run the affairs in a cooperative…. Most of them are not even aware of, how to go about filing the annual returns and the rectification report.

It is still not beyond control and the situation can still be salvaged. What is required is a realistic and sincere attempt to discover anew and revive what lies latent deep within. The learning process must inculcate these values, which should not be allowed to get diluted in petty sectarian considerations and personal ego trips.

In earlier times the Managing Committees and members lived in tandem. But in modern times, some have become more than just office bearers – they have become the uncrowned Kings of their Societies. To keep the residents and office bearers of the Societies up-to-date, Cooperative Societies Bye-laws made easy is a compilation, where the author has tried to interpreter and answer some simple questions on cooperative living. Also included are over 300 court decisions which affect the day to day running of a cooperative Society.

All your questions answered in Cooperative Society Bye Laws made Easy. Available from : Easily readable on your mobile phone, tablet, Laptop and PC.

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  1. I want to buy two copy of this book CO-OP HOUSING SOCIETIES BYE-LAWS MADE EASY if it is there (hard copy) if it is available


      I am afraid we have no control what so ever on the publication on Cooperative societies. It is now the property of Amazon.
      You may please obtain from :
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    We are staying in the ownership flat which is in the name of my father. Maintenance bills & share certificate is under my father name.

    My father got deceased in the year 2014 & had failed to do any nomination or will or any legal document to transfer the flat in any of our family member names.

    I am legal heir of my father and now my family consists of myself, my mother, my wife & my 2 year old son. I am the only son & have no siblings. I still receive the Maintenance bills in my fathers name.

    I want to transfer the flat including share certificate to my mother name. so what is the procedure & steps to transfer the flat to my Mothers name .?

    • Further information, you may please refer to the Kidle book :
      by HK Verma
      It costs less than Rs 100 and will answer all your querries and guide you how to go about. It will be readable on your mobile, PC, Laptop or even a tablet. It can be a permanent guide to your cooperative society problems

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