Associate Membership in Coop Societies

A recent letter from the Registrar’s office has created a lot of confusion inthe cooperative circles. Some are of the opinion, that by this letter/circular, the registrar has made it clear that Associate membership’s in Coop Societies are no more valid.

Before going further, let me reproduce the lletter and the analysis for you :

asso-01asso-02asso-03The above is there for yourself to see. At Aidec we feel it is just a panic situation. It is no more than the Registrar;s office clarifying that the Associate member’s name has to be incorporated in the certificate. Nowhere does it specify that the associate member’s should be mentioned in the sale deed to be an associate member.

We at Aidec, would advice our friends and societies not to panic and continue with the existing system as prescribed in Maharashtra Cooperative Act. Let the associate membership continue as prescribed in the MCA and not as some individual has interpreted it



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  1. Dear Mr Varma ,
    i would like to meet your personally in regards to a society parking issue that i have been facing for last many years without any solution from the Managing committee members .plz provide your contact nos and email id to help us co oridnate and fix an appointment . my email id .awaiting your response

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mr Jagdish Malik


      Parking is the most common problem being faced by the societities these days.

      I would suggest you get a copy of COOPERATIVE BYE LAWS MADE EASY from Amazon. If still any questions, you can always post the questions – and I would be too pleased to answer.

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      • Dear Mr.Verma,

        Thank you for your immediate response, I have been facing the parking issue for years since the the time I have purchased the Flats, as promised and documented at time of Agreement done along with the Builder I have not been allotted the parking slot which I had chosen and paid for.

        Being a Senior Citizen I am being literally harassed and made to run around pole to pillar in order to get my issue resolved but all in vain.

        Your article dtd 8th Nov 2015 in Mid-day was a ray of hope, which had made me feel you can help me in getting my issue resolved .

        My humble request ,plz provide your contact nos to have a word with you and discuss my matter or give an appointment to come over and meet you personally.

        Looking forward towards meeting you.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Jagdish Malik
        Flat No 1904/1905
        Montreal Tower Co-op Hse Soc Ltd
        Plot No B-31,Shashtri Nagar,Andheri(W)
        Mumbai-400 053

  2. Dear Mr Varma ,

    With reference to my mail dtd .10th Nov 2015, still looking forward to have a talk with you and get my long faced problem resolved. Being a Senior Citizen i am really waiting for help and guidance from you. Please consider my request and give me an appointment to meet up with you.

    in case you have busy schedule we can talk on the phone. kindly provide your phone nos and email id .

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jagdish Malik
    Flat No 1904/1905
    Montreal Tower Co-op Hse Soc Ltd
    Plot No B-31,Shashtri Nagar,
    Andheri(W) Mumbai-400 053

    • MR MALIK

      Parking laws are very clear and there is no exception in cooperative societies for senior citizens.
      One of these days I will call you up. I got your phone number.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I have been following up with you for the posts dated on Feb 27 2017 & am still awaiting for your feedback.

    Kindly do the needful on request.

    Timir Thakkar

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